Sheet Metal Workers Local 177
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Common Terms
Apprentice- A sheet metal worker student that works and also attends school to become a journeyman sheet metal worker.

B.A./Business Agent - Elected every 3 years responsible for running the union office and sending out the members to jobs.

B - Mechanic - Worker who didn't go through the appenticeship makes less money and benefits.

Charter - Given membership in the Sheet Metal Workers International Association and assigned a local number 

Contractor - Company that does work for other companies generally doesn't build products for retail.

Dues - Money paid every month by members to pay for the local and international expenses.

Executive Board/E-Board - Responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations of local 177 and the Sheet Metal International Association. Elected every 3 years 4 members plus President, Vice President and Secretary that takes the meeting minutes.

F.S./Financial Secretary - Responsible for the dues and other money's that are collected from members also B.A.

Fair - Contractor - A contractor that signs a  union contract. 

Indentured - Old term meaning under contract for a certain length of time. A apprentice is indentured for four years after that they become journeymen and get full pay and benefits.

iti - International Training Institute

Journeyman - A skilled sheet metal worker sometimes called a mechanic.

J.A.T.C.- Joint Apprenticeship Training Commitee responsible for the running of the apprenticeship school and setting up the class corriculum according to International Training Institute and the Department of Labor. There are 6 members 3 union members and 3 from the contractors. 

Local jurisdiction - The area that the local contractor  can work all local journeymen if they go out of the area then they have to work the local journeymen in that area. There are three local jurisdictions in Tennessee Memphis,Nashville and Knoxville/Chattanooga. All local have numbers Nashville's is 177. 

Mechanic- A journeyman sheet metal worker.

Preappentice - Worker that makes less money and benefits than a apprentice gains experience and takes the apprenticeship test to become a apprentice.

Referral - When a journeyman or a apprentice go to a job a referral is sent from the local to the contractor showing that he is a union worker.

SMWIA - Sheet Metal Workers International Association

Steward - Appointed by the B.A. to take care of problems between the union workers and company has the right to file charges against the company and workers. Basically enforces the signed contract.